This California Nursing Home Will Shock You

The largest nursing home company in California is once again under fire for abusing and neglecting elderly people in their care. A recent death that occurred at one of the 59 centers owned by an American businessman and investor is raising suspicions that the abuse of the elderly hasn’t stopped in his facilities. That’s because one woman is claiming that her mother died prematurely as a result of staying at a very popular Inglewood nursing home. The elderly woman who was admitted into the nursing home had severe chest pains but clear lungs just weeks before passing, with physicians believing that she was in good enough shape to be released from the hospital. After five weeks passed, the woman was taken to the hospital by nursing home staff and died from a combination of pneumonia and dehydration.

What Happened At The Nursing Home?

When doctors checked their patient’s vital signs, it was noticed that the patient had a very low body temperature far below 97 degrees. Because of the symptoms that the patient had when brought to the hospital, doctors suspected that elder abuse occurred during her stay at the long-term care facility. After investigating the case, it’s still unclear what occurred during the patient’s stay at the nursing home. Investigators however have noticed that there are some recurring problems that seem to bring trouble to some of nursing homes connected to this entrepreneur. On the Medicare rating website, the facility that the patient stayed at received below average ratings on providing adequate staff members and cleaning and providing a healthy environment for their patients.

What Occurs At This California Nursing Home Will Shock You

Nursing home neglect lawyer in West Palm Beach are aware of the fact that historically there have been many problems with the nursing homes that share this same owner. One patient lit herself on fire while staying at one of the now closed facilities that was under the same ownership. Officials have also tried to stop giving licenses to this owner in order to minimize the amount of long-term care facilities owned by the same company, with such a negative track record. These attempts have not been successful, since the owner still has control of 59 nursing homes throughout California.

Licensed Practical Nurse Commits Abuse At Nursing Home

As our parents reach old age, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our mothers and fathers are cared for. Because of the demands of the modern world, it’s not possible for us to be the ones personally caring for our parents, so many people entrust long-term nursing homes to provide the care that our loved ones need. Depending on the physical and cognitive function of our parents, many elderly might need nursing assistants who are available to check in every once in awhile. Other elderly people require 24/7 care from a specialized professional. When family members turn to registered nurses and other nursing home staff members, we assume that our loved ones will receive the support they need. Unfortunately, it’s far too common to hear about times where nursing home staff members and medical professionals don’t uphold their professional responsibilities.

Licensed Practice Nurse (LPN) Receives Felony Charge

A LPN has plead guilty for abusing a resident while this patient was living at a long-term nursing home. The nurse made a mistake and administered the wrong drug to her patient and then tried to cover up the fact by not telling her supervisor. Instead of receiving cough suppressant like the patient was supposed to, the nurse administered an opioid pain reliever to the patient. This severe pain medication caused the patient to have an overdose, so the nurse altered the patient’s medical records to hide the mistake. Eventually, another nurse noticed that the patient was having an overdose and rushed the patient to the hospital. Luckily the patient was eventually released from the hospital, after nearly dying because of receiving the incorrect treatment for her problem.

Licensed Practical Nurse Commits Abuse At Nursing Home

When the management company of the nursing home found out about the incident, they had staff members investigate what happened. The investigation team uncovered that the nurse covered up administering the incorrect treatment and that she failed to inform any other staff members that she made a mistake. Now the nurse no longer works at the nursing home, but her problems aren’t over. Currently the nurse who committed these crimes is now facing sentencing and may receive up to ten years of prison time. This is just another reminder of how important it is to select the correct nursing home for your parents once they’re no longer able to properly care for themselves.

Investigation Shows Nursing Home Ill Prepared For Residents

Investigated Nursing Home Company Went Into Bankruptcy and Dissolved

Former patients and family members of a nursing home chain in New Mexico have told investigators about the horrific treatment of patients that has occurred for years. According to testimony and investigations, Preferred Care Inc purchased nursing homes from Cathedral Rock that had went bankrupt. Both nursing home businesses have negative track records from treating their patients poorly and also failed to perform simple care duties such as feeding their residents. A report even showed that it took nursing home staff members hours to feed and even bath all of their residents because of the poor management of long-term care facility.

Poor Care Possibly Lead To Death Of Patients

After investigating these two companies in 2015, and investigator took a closer look at the operations of facilities in New Mexico, finding that there are many abuse incidents over a three year period of time. One incident explains how nursing home staff members failed to perform their duties of care for a resident that had a high risk of falling. The elderly patient was found on the floor by nursing home staff, after being there for some time. Hours later the victim ended up dying and it’s believed by the patient’s mother that there wasn’t enough staff to watch all of the residents.

Investigation Shows Nursing Home Ill Prepared For Residents

Investigators also spoke with previous nurses of the long-term care facilities to verify just how understaffed the nursing homes were. According to one nurse that worked at one of the Santa Fe nursing homes, she had to take care of 22 different patients with only the help of one other staff member. West Palm Beach elder law attorneys believe that as a result, patients went without proper hygiene for hours as 22 patients had to wait to be toileted and changed by one person. Attorney Generals in New Mexico are now making sure that the families of any victims see justice in a new lawsuit.